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Heartworm Prevention! 

Mosquitos are pesky for man, but they also carry an especially nasty disease for unspecting dogs.Because we live in an area where heartworm prevention is recommended, we advise that you protect your dog against this theat. A simple blood test is needed before preventive medicine is started to make sure your dog does not already carry the disease.



The Veterinarian of the Year exemplifies the extraordinary contributions that the veterinary profession makes to animal health and the economic viability of our state as well. This year’s recipient has distinguished himself as a competent and highly ethical practitioner for over 30 years.
The Aurora Sentinel
Published: Thursday, October 15, 2009 2:00 PM MDT

Dr. Bruce Louderback, D.V.M. featured in the center, 2009 Vet of the Year! Click on the bar above to view certificate. lauderback



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